The band consists of 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, piano, bass, and drums. We also have a vocalist. On occasion we have been known to enlarge the band to include 5 trumpets and 5 trombones when we perform music from the Stan Kenton library and other more contemporary arrangements.

A big band does take up more space than a small jazz combo, so space consideration is important when hiring this type of group. We have two standard preferred setups with areas of 24 ft x 24 ft or 16 ft x 32 ft, but we can typically find a way to fit the venue. We can provide a stage plot with our typical layout requirements. Please contact us if you have particular concerns regarding space.

Our standard performance locations are within the Portland metropolitan area. However, we would consider traveling depending on the circumstances. If you are considering hiring the band for a performance where long distance travel is required, please contact us for further information.

We have an extensive library of dance band and stage band arrangements. If we have a requested piece in our library at a gig, we will try to accommodate. If a request is made in advance of a performance and we don’t have it in our library, we will try to obtain the requested arrangement.

The band is predominantly a swing and jazz band. However, we have some Latin, rock, and funk arrangements in our library. Dance band sets will typically include waltzes, tangos, cha-chas, or even a polka.

Depending on the event and time required, our fees start at $1,800. Each event is individually priced. Please contact us for a price quote. We will work with you to try to fit your budget.