Jumptown Big Band would be honored to provide music for your reception!

We understand wedding planning is a complex task and selecting the right music for your wedding and reception can be just as exciting and daunting as all the other elements of the planning process. Be assured that Jumptown Big Band will provide the right entertainment to keep your guests excited and engaged. Performing at a high level of musicianship and professionalism is important to us and our commitment to excellence can be a commodity that you can count on for your special day.

We provide a wide variety of musical arrangements including swinging big band classics, soft ballads, and even some current pop hits. We perform cocktail hour jazz standards, background dinner music, and exciting music for dancing. We have an extensive library of music and each wedding is programmed individually. We welcome any requests you may have. If we don’t have your request in our library, we can try to obtain the tune prior to your date. We have also been known to take requests during the event – including impromptu vocal features by guests at the wedding.

We always provide our own sound system which we can make available for you for announcements or other needs. We have a great PA system with high quality speakers and microphones. We also provide recorded music before and after the band performs. We have a collection of event appropriate recorded music or we can play music selected by you from your music device.

Please contact us if you have any questions. You will be pleased with our quick response time. Jumptown Big Band consists of friendly and professional musicians who get a certain level of satisfaction knowing that our music is able to contribute to making your wedding day extra special!